Monthly Tuition & Annual Fees

Note: Primary Division classes have been split into color-coded class pods to allow for social distancing. Space in each pod/class is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Registration Fee (Annual)

  • Individual: $35
  • Family: $45

Security/Costume Fee (Annual): $30

Preschool Division

  • Discover Dance 1: $69
  • Discover Dance 2: $69
  • Pre-Ballet 1: $75
  • Pre-Ballet 2 $108

Primary Division

  • Gray (Zoom only): $93
  • Blue: $133
  • Teal: $133
  • Green: $133
  • Yellow: $258

Important Notes on Community Program, Preschool and Primary Division Tuition:

  • Tuition is processed each month
  • Any payment returned unpaid for any reason will incur a $35 declined transaction fee. The incurred $35 fee will be added to the monthly tuition fee and re-processed on the 8th day of the Tuition Period
  • Tuition for new students who start on or after the first day of the month will be pro-rated:
    • 1st-15th of the month: full month’s tuition
    • 16th-30th: one half month’s tuition
  • Any student who stops taking lessons after the first day of the month must pay for the entire month. Parents must un-enroll their child in writing by emailing [email protected]
  • Payment of tuition entitles Primary Division students to take all ballet classes scheduled at their level or below


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