Monthly Tuition & Annual Fees

Registration Fee (Annual)

  • Individual: $35
  • Family: $45

Security/Costume Fee (Annual): $30

Community Program

Tap and Jazz

  • One hour: $67
  • Two hours: $102

Preschool Division

  • Discover Dance 1: $65
  • Discover Dance 2: $65
  • Pre-Ballet & Pre-Tap: $92
  • Pre-Ballet only: $65

Pre-Ballet students are ecouraged to take Pre-Tap in addition to their ballet classes. 

Primary Division

  • Level 1A: $120
  • Level 1B: $155
  • Level 2A: $215
  • Level 2B: $230

Level 1A students ages 6 and 7 are expected to take Pre-Tap and Level 1A, Level 1B, Level 2A and Level 2B students ages 8 and older are expected to take Tap and Jazz classes in addition to their ballet classes. Fees for these classes  are included in the Level 1A, Level 1B, Level 2A and Level 2B Primary Division tuition fees shown above. 

Important Notes on Community Program, Preschool and Primary Division Tuition:

  • Tuition is processed each month
  • Any payment returned unpaid for any reason will incur a $35 declined transaction fee. The incurred $35 fee will be added to the monthly tuition fee and re-processed on the 8th day of the Tuition Period
  • Tuition for new students who start on or after the first day of the month will be pro-rated:
    • 1st-15th of the month: full month’s tuition
    • 16th-30th: one half month’s tuition
  • Any student who stops taking lessons after the first day of the month must pay for the entire month. Parents must un-enroll their child in writing by emailing [email protected]
  • Payment of tuition entitles Primary Division students to take all ballet classes scheduled at their level or below


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