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What Our Clients Say

My daughter had been going to another dance studio in the local area, and she had expressed her desire to get on pointe. I knew that the current studio she was at was not the right fit for what is required for a ballerina on pointe. I looked around and I found Central Texas Youth Ballet and fell in love with the philosophy of training to skill, not to grade. Rena is amazing and she takes the time to truly teach what it means to practice ballet. It’s not about offer a wide variety of dance styles and a huge schedule offering to get tons and tons of students in–CTYB-is about preparing the student with discipline, patience and sacrifice to be a well trained ballerina. They put on the most breath taking “Nutcracker” too.

Jamie P.
Dance Parent

I have two children enrolled and I’m so happy to see them learning the art of ballet safely! I love the focus on learning ballet correctly rather than doing recitals. I’ve noticed a positive difference in their posture outside of class as well.

Tiffany S.
Dance Parent

We love the classes at CTY. Our 5yo has grown so much as a dancer under Ms Rena’s guidance. She loves that she’s taking a “real” ballet class and we love the structure and discipline of the classical ballet instruction. The classes are a great value too. We get two classes per week for the same price we were paying our last studio for one class a week. The end-of-semester shows are so nice too. In December, the students worked collaboratively to dance part of the Nutcracker. It was so fun to see the dancers act in a show rather than just review a few moves in a recital.

Candy W.
Dance Parent

Cannot say enough good things about Rena and Central Texas Youth Ballet! My daughter has to audition for a ballet program and has limited experience. Rena has worked for hours with us and turned my beauty into a ballerina! She has done so much more though…helping my sweet girl feel special, strong, confident and joyous. We love you Rena Garcia Reeder!

Amy A.
Dance Parent

I haven’t taken ballet since I was 5 years old, but thought I’d try the adult ballet class. I am having SO much fun! It’s great exercise and I have such a feeling of accomplishment as I learn. The instructors are very knowledgable and they make the class interesting and entertaining. I would recommend CTY Ballet to anyone, young or old.

Lisa C.
Dance Parent

We could not be more pleased with this program and are very excited to see how the program progresses moving forward. Rena not only teaches the children dance and ballet, but builds in developmental concepts and learning opportunities that is appropriate for the children’s age. We love this program!

Rebecca M.
Dance Parent

We love Central Texas Youth Ballet! Both our girls  (4 & 7 yrs old) are thriving at this school, and we highly recommend it.

Yazmin C.
Dance Parent

CTYB is a real gem in Dripping Springs! My daughter has been a part of the program for years and loves it! The faculty is excellent, and they genuinely care for their students. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a dance studio where their child can not only develop their dancing skills but also be in a friendly and caring environment.

Cindy A.
Dance Parent