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We take pride in the way we present ourselves in class, on stage and in the community. 

All students must furnish their own clothing and shoes for classes, and shoes and tights for performances. 

By the end of the first two weeks of classes, students should be in dress code for class (unless told otherwise by the School Director). Note: the dress code also applies to all academic year students who participate in private lessons and Community Division classes. 

Wear Moi is the approved leotard brand for Central Texas Youth Ballet, and MStevens Dancewear is the approved ballet skirt brand (Women/Girls Skirt #246).

Click here to view 2023-2023 Dress Code – Class Attire by Division


Families may purchase items from our dress code at Texas Dance Supply in Dripping Springs. 

Dance wear is also available for purchase in Austin at Movin’ Easy Dancewear or online at Discount Dance Supply (use Teacher Code 115384 during online checkout to receive exclusive savings).

All students should be groomed properly. Girls’ hair should be secured in a bun (short hair may be secured in a low ponytail or similar style that keeps hair away from the face). Boys’ hair should be combed neatly away from the face. Students that do not have their hair properly brushed will not be allowed to participate in class. 

Important Notes:

  • No support bandages or support braces of any kind can be worn in class.
  • All clothing and shoes should be marked with the student’s name.
  • Only natural-looking make-up and fingernail polish may be worn in class.
  • With the exception of very small earrings, no jewelry or watches may be worn in class.
  • No leg warmers or extra clothing of any kind may be worn in class.
  • Holes that appear in leotards, tights and skirts should be mended immediately.
  • A special note for girls:
    • Girls’ tights serve as underwear beneath their leotards; be sure to buy dance tights that have a cotton crotch. Underwear inhibits movement and is not allowed under tights. We know this can be a bit of a surprise for younger dancers, but they adjust quickly.
  • A special note for boys and men:
    • Boys, starting at age 8, and men should always wear a dance belt under their tights. These items serve the same purpose as a jockstrap and protect a male dancer from injury. Dance Belt Guide is a good resource for more information. 
  • Dancewear is not appropriate attire for the street, and students must wear street clothing over their leotards and tights.