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Registration Fee
(Annual for Academic Year Enrollment)

Individual: $35
Family: $45

Registration Fee
(Summer Dance Program Enrollment)

Individual: $15
Family: $25

Security/Costume Fee
(Annual for Academic Year Enrollment)


Monthly Tuition

Hours Each Week

30 mins
45 mins
1.0 hr
1.25 hrs
1.5 hrs
2.0 hrs
2.5 hrs
2.75 hrs
3.0 hrs
3.5 hrs
4.0 hrs
4.5 hrs
5.0 hrs
5.5 hrs
6.0 hrs
6.5 hrs
7.0 hrs
7.5 hrs
8.0 hrs
8.5 hrs
Unlimited (9+ hrs)

Cost Each Month


Important Notes on Tuition:
Tuition is set based on the number of weeks of instruction, then divided into monthly payments. Monthly tuition payments are the same no matter how many times students meet for class. Holidays are worked into the monthly fee.

Tuition is processed automatically each month (between the 1st and 5th)
Any payment returned unpaid for any reason will incur a $35 declined transaction fee. The incurred $35 fee will be added to the monthly tuition fee and re-processed on the 10th day of the

Tuition Period
Tuition for new students who start on or after the first day of the month will be pro-rated:
1st-15th of the month: full month’s tuition
16th-30th: one half month’s tuition (exception is the first month of the Academic Year)

Any student who stops taking lessons after the first day of the month must pay for the entire month. Parents must un-enroll their child in writing by emailing
Payment of tuition entitles Primary Division students to take all ballet classes scheduled at their level or below.