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Registration Fee
(Annual for Academic Year Enrollment)

Individual: $45
Family: $60

Registration Fee
(Summer Dance Program Enrollment)

Individual: TBD
Family: TBD

Security/Costume Fee
(Annual for Academic Year Enrollment)


Monthly Tuition

Important Notes on Tuition:
Central Texas Youth Ballet 2023-2024 Academic Year runs from August 21, 2023 to June 1, 2024. The tuition rates listed for 2023-2024 reflect the total number of classes attended per week by students averaged over the tuition period. Tuition payments are the same each month no matter how many times students meet for class. Holidays are accounted for in the tuition rate.

Tuition is a flat rate per class, regardless of class length. 

Students are enrolled in a class upon payment of the registration fee plus first tuition payment. 

Tuition/fees and all payments are non-refundable, and non-transferable regardless of circumstances, either prior to, during, or after the program.

No refunds are given for classes missed because of illness, injury, vacation or weather. 

For families with more than one child enrolled, a (10%) discount is applied to the tuition of the child with the lowest monthly tuition rate. For families with more than two children enrolled, a (15%) discount is applied to the tuition of the child with the lowest tuition rate. No combined discounts.

Any payment returned unpaid for any reason will incur a $35 declined transaction fee. 

Any Children’s Division or Community Division student who stops taking lessons after the first day of the month must pay for the entire month. Children’s Division and Community Division families who wish to un-enroll must do so in writing by emailing [email protected]. One month’s notice is required.  

Enrollment at the beginning of a school year ensures a student’s place for the entire period of education. For scheduling purposes, to keep class size manageable, and for consistent and appropriate advancement, Academy Division students are committed to pay for the entire year (not applicable to Children’s Division or Community Division). Academy Division families are charged the amount due for the LEVEL in which student is enrolled. Tuition will be pro-rated by month for Academy Division students enrolling mid-year. 

Click here to view 2023-2024 Tuition Rates